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Irkutsk Lake Baikal Our Team
Accomodation in Irkutsk Accomodation on Lake Baikal Excursions and short trips to Lake Baikal and to the nearer taiga Tours of several day's duration on Lake Baikal, in Sayan and Khamar-Daban Mountains

Dear travellers!
If you are going to visit the capital of East Siberia Irkutsk, to see Lake Baikal and its marvellous surroundings our team BAIKAL TREKKING would be happy to assist you with our services to make your stay here nice and interesting. No matter whether you are planning to spend your hollidays at Lake Baikal or just to have a short stop in Irkutsk on your travelling by Transsiberian Railway, we would offer you a program, which would suite you best of all. We also organize tours from Baikal to Mongolia. Our e-mail:
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