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Tours of several day's duration on Lake Baikal, in Sayan and Khamar-Daban Mountains

On a trekking tour in the Taiga of Baikal

If you enjoy being outdoor and trekking is the right thing for your vacation we would be happy to welcome you on Lake Baikal. With our high qualified guides you'll be able to visit the most beatifull and exiting places on the lake's shore and in the mountains. Our guides will care for your safety on the tour and share with you their experience in taiga-, steppe- and mountaintrekking.

Island Olkhon
The Western coast
Tageran Steppe

Olcha Plateau

Sajan Mountains

Khamar-Daban Mountains

Here are our tours:

Tours on Lake Baikal
1. 3-5 day-s trekking tours in the exotic Tageran Steppe an on the Island of Sun Olkhon (May-September);
2. 5-7 day's trekking tours along the western shore of Baikal (all year round);
3. 3 day's trekking tour to Lake Baikal through the Taiga of the Olcha Plateau (all year round);
4. 4-7 day's trekking over the ice of Baikal (Western coast; February-March);
5. 3-5 day's excursions to the Tageran Steppe and to the Island olkhon by car (all year round except for December and January);

Tours in the "cold Jungle" of Khamar-Daban Mountains
1. 3-5 day's trekking tour in the Western Khamar-Daban (Ascend of the Cherski Pik 2.090 m; Visiting of Waterfalls on the river Podkomarnaya and of the Lake Heart);
2. 5-7 day's trekking tour in the Central Khamar-Daban (Region of the Lake Sable);

Tours in Sayan Mountains
1. 3-5 day's trekking tour in the canyon of the river Kyngarga (Ascend of the Arshanski Col (1.800 m) and the Tryokhglawaya Mount (2.500 m);
2. 6-7 day's trekking tour to the mineral springs on the river Shumak;
3. 10-12 day's trekking tour over the Tunka-Alps;

Please ask us for the detailed description of the tours.

In the case if you don't find the destination of your interest on Lake Baikal in our offer, just ask us for it and we-ll try to organize an individual tour for you to the place you would like to go to.